What does your object Ball have to Say?

Every object ball has a Spot, and how you approach your situation, one thing, seems to be The main Common Element of Success in every Sport today and that is; "Consistency"!

If a baseball player approaches the home plate and ready's himself / herself to the plate and what is going to be an attempt to hit the approaching ball, one thing that is consistent in the swing to result in a hit is the visualization that he or she sees before the final warm up swing.  They visualize a home run, they swing at the same speed, and they plant their feet in the consistent manner that has produced success for them previously.  So, Mind thought in action first and then follow through with the action.

So, with our pool shots we need to be of the same mind set.  Study the table, find your object ball, visualize the ball being struck at the exact point it needs to be hit for the ball to drop in the pocket and watch the visualization of the follow through of where that cue ball has landed for your next shot.  Awesome!

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