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We are growing and continually adding new leagues so do not hesitate to ask about open leagues and tournaments. Fill out the form to join a league and we will get back to you quickly!


Everything in life requires some training or direction and when it comes to billiards it is no different. We have new trainers signing up to teach the art of becoming a great player. Practice and hands on training with one of our trainers will give you the advantage in winning turnaments! Hourly rates are available by each trainer or instructor.


Check into our web site regularly for the latest news and hot topics going on around all of our leagues. We are having great contests almost every game night which allows you to earn extra cash and we keep you posted on the standings for our Vegas trip each Session! Don't miss the excitement!


Watch for emails and announcements for all tournaments coming up. Additionally, take time to watch our Video links for all tounaments that are captured and videos of game nights! Watch for the guy who is rolling a video of your game and MIS, Most Incredible Shot!

Welcome to

BCA of the Palm Beaches

"How about them Balls!"

Hey, we all have friends, co-workers, relationships and just people all around us all day.  Why not invite someone to join in on the fun and The Re-Birth of Billiards Excitement 2015 and beyond!




our rules

Absolutely no quarreling, complaining, bickering, arguing, bellyaching, and no rudeness at all!

First offense, you will be ripped of your Rod or Staff and your balls will be automatically  distributed to other members of the opponents team. Second offense, There is no second offense, you are banned from playing with your balls for Life.


Do not become a Judge, but rather help team mates and friends follow the same rules! No one wants to come if there is UN- harmony and no excitement in the room so lets enjoy the time together by continuing to build the sport of Billiards.

It is all about Fun and the Excitement of The Win.

Take the time to Enjoy each shot, each game you play and build great friendships!  This is one of the best Groups growing in the country!

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