Focus your Thought and Visualize

A Player is one who takes the art of the sport and defines himself/herself (Into it), in other words it is not a game you "play" at, You Become it!  Yes, this sport of Billiards is a game for tremendous fun and excitement, but, The Player is an individual who Visualizes "The Win" in their minds before each and every shot that is made!

Go ahead, watch a few videos of the pro's in action.  Catch the eye, the foot work as they dance the floor studying the placement of each ball, give thought to what they may be thinking, see the desire they have as they have chosen maybe the next three shots or "plays" they are going to make in advance, "And Then," here comes the stance, then the custom designed personal bridge, the low positioning of the body to the eye level of the object ball, and then the slide of the cue, once, twice three times for alignment to that Visualization they have in their mind, and smack!

Ever so slightly, or a lightening bolt to the pocket based on what, smacking the balls till you get lucky and one falls?  No!  The Play that was designed by visualizing "The Win" as each object ball falls to it's hole and the cue ball follows it's directions by the Player to line up exactly where it needs to be for the next play. Ahhhhh! Excitement!

"Go ahead!  Ignite Your Thought Process, and manage your Win!"

Jim Whitney



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