Tim Miligan has been around a pool table since the early 1800's and is know by thousands to be able to crack a beer open with one shot, run to the end of the table catch the beer bottle with a one grab mid air reach and down that bottle of beer just as the 8 ball rolls into the pocket!  Pretty darn amazing to see talent at work! Just kidding of course, but fun!

While Tim is not shooting pool and managing the leagues, Tim owns his own electrical Contracting business for the full time job and career.

Tim's love for pool and shooting with friends and colleagues gave him the dream to start a league back in 2005.  The Tap league was born and became a success right from the start with 8 teams and growing to 42 teams in just over one year.

In 2010 Tim partnered with a good friend, Bill Holland, and they began the BCA of the Palm Beach's. Since that time the league has grown to an all time high and continues to grow.


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