Need a Trainer or Tutor, or class Instruction!

Don't ever be shy about asking for help! The whole league is generally a great place to ask a question, but there a good group of professionals right here in our back pocket. These individuals will take your your questions, provide answers and then by discovering your action on the table they will be able to devise a plan that is best for you in a training class one hour here and one hour there, based on the agreement you work out with your Instructor.

Hey, remember above all things! We are all here to "have Fun" learn the sport and art of billiards, whether it is 8 ball or 9 ball or other games in our league. Take advantage of our coaches and ask!!

Coaches and trainers!! Please contact us regarding an open slot for teaching! We have several positions available that need to be filled! Go to our contact page and reach out to one of us for details!

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